Slots Test: King Colossus

The King’s Treasury!

Game description

Gold and jewellery are waiting for the players of the King Colossus slot machine! Quickspin opens the door to King Colossus’s treasure chamber and attracts with considerable winnings! The player embarks on a journey to a Greek island, at a time when the Seven Wonders of the World were still standing and brave gladiators were fighting in the arenas. The name Colossus comes from the Greek “Kolossos” and refers to the statue that once stood in Rhodes and represented the Greek sun god “Helios” and one of these seven wonders of the world. The statue fell victim to an earthquake as early as 226 B.C. and the ruins lay there until the Arabs took the island in the 6th century and sold the statue parts to Syria. Legend has it that 900 camels were needed to remove the debris!

We don’t know if the legend is true, but as a background story of a slot machine it is hard to beat.

Technical features

When you open “King Colossus”, the door to Aladdin’s treasure trove seems to open: Quickspin has designed the game as a golden cave and is not stingy with plush and decoration. The slot machine is framed by golden ornaments and the five reels are “covered” with blue satin. The slot machine has 40 paylines running from right to left and vice versa. A lot of opulence, which the king Colossus drives up here. The symbols on the reels are also appropriate: Gems such as rubies, amethysts and emeralds, King Colossus, golden lions (the wild symbol), letters and numbers. The music takes the player back to ancient times and makes impressive ink when you win smaller or larger amounts. The button bar is, as always with Quickspin, typically orange and simple. The game buttons are standard, there is autoplay, the playbutton and a display where the player can see his winnings at any time. The minimum bet on “King Colossus” is €0.40, which brave players can raise up to €120. If the golden lion, the wild symbol, appears five times on the reels, the win can increase up to 1500 €!

bonuses and winnings

Who wants to win must look for the symbols with higher value: the gems and King Colossus. The lower symbols are the numbers and letters, but they also appear more often due to their weak winning value. The RTP rate is a fair 96.57%!

There are two different lion symbols. The one lion has a green background and is the normal wild symbol in this game. It can replace the normal symbols to increase your chances of winning. The lion with the red background appears only during a free game. The scatter symbol is a door leading in or out of the treasure chamber. It generates five free spins. During the Free Spins, the King Colossus symbol can spread over the reels and generate higher wins.

With “King Colossus” by Quickspin there are a lot of free spins and features for which it is worth trying the game. The graphics don’t disappoint and also the RTP rate is fair. The slot machine is worthwhile for all players who are profit-oriented.