Slot Machine Test: Berry Blast

Want a red fruit puree? Every occasion is good to enjoy strawberries, raspberries and other berries, whether on the cake or with a scoop of ice cream. In Berry Blast, the video slot machine published by Amaya Gaming in May 2012, it is easy to stick to the rule of 5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day and have fun in a fun and colourful environment. In addition, Berry Blast offers you massive profits thanks to bonuses and features that are really worth it.

Get to it – which berry do you like best?

Berry Blast is a video slot machine consisting of 5 reels and 30 paylines where you have access to a variety of red fruits; enough for a vitamin bomb! Grapes, blackberries, currants, forest raspberries – if you don’t get well with them, we can’t help you. Perhaps the fruits are not juicy enough or too small for you? However, they still move along the bottom of the screen and seem to be literally waiting to be eaten by you. You don’t have a choice anyway, because the main fruit, the plum, disintegrates as soon as the bonuses are used. A pitiful sight. She sacrificed herself especially for you in the hope that you could crack the fantastic €22,500 jackpot.

In terms of stakes, there are almost endless possibilities on Berry Blast. The High Rollers can bet a high amount – 75€ per round – while the more frugal players can make do with one cent per payline. If you know the profit potential of this machine, then you know that the ratio is more than balanced.

Eat fruits and vegetables regularly!

The red and white grapes serve as scatter symbols. Each grape category offers the user a choice of different prices, especially if it appears twice on the rollers. The interesting thing about Berry Blast is that you can also earn prizes by collecting different grapes. You’ll earn even more points! The raspberry serves as a wild symbol in this game. As you already know, it can replace any other icon and increase the player’s chances of winning. Even though Berry Blast offers additional free spins, you should still focus on the mini bonus game on this machine: the plum unblocks a second screen where you get to deal with oranges and peas! We told you you’d eat enough fruit and vegetables!