Jack Hammer Slot: NetEnt with funny comic-style theme

Jack Hammer had wanted to retire for a long time. But now he itches his fingers again, because a new threat has laid over the city. The evil doctor Wüten, a doctor of chemistry, makes plans to contaminate the city. Now Hammers detective skills are in demand. But Jack is not alone! You help him to put a stop to raging.

In this slots by NetEnt you will feel like in a comic. The complete machine including background image and symbols is drawn comic-like. Friends of the Deadpool movie or the comics will be a bit disappointed, because Jack is not Weasel, who also uses the name Jack Hammer. Nevertheless, Jack Hammer has built up a big fan community. If you should join this community, you can find out now!

Technical features

This slot has 5 reels with 3 symbols each. Here you will find time bombs, chemical substances, shootings with cars, Jack Hammer and Dr. Wüten. You will also find a zeppelin and a lady on the phone with black-blond hair. All in all, this is nice to look at and you can make up a story. Because you won’t find a little intro video explaining the story here.

To win with Jack Hammer, you have to bet first. This starts at €0.25 and can be increased to €250. The maximum amount is of course extremely high and should not be played lightly. But if you have a suitable budget, why not? To get to the €250, all you have to do is select the maximum coin value and raise the bet level to 10.

As usual with NetEnt, you can also play the game on your smartphone without any problems. Due to the undemanding graphics, of which we are actually a little disappointed, the game can be enjoyed smoothly even on weak devices. If you prefer to watch the game, you can also rotate the reels automatically. All you have to do is press the Autoplay button.

bonuses and winnings

If you want to win with Jack Hammer, you first have to know how the winnings come about. The slot machine has 25 paylines. On these lines there must be at least three similar symbols starting from the far left of the reel in order to win. The maximum win with one symbol is achieved if there are 5 identical symbols on one payline.

Now not only symbols on one payline can be placed in a round, but also several. The winnings of the different lines are then summed. For example, you can win €50 on one payline and €20 on two more paylines. The total win is then a solid €90!

Now it depends which symbol is in a payline, because each symbol has a different value. If you really want to win a lot, you’ll have to face five Dr. Wütens, that’s 300 times your coin value times your bet level! Five Jack Hammer are even more profitable, because here you get 1000 times the coin value times the bet level.

What will further increase your enjoyment are the Sticky Wins. This function allows you to spin again by recording the symbols involved in a win, completely free of charge. If that’s not enough, there’s one more game and up to 30 free spins! Going on a manhunt with Jack Hammer can be worth it!