Green Lantern Slot: NextGen Gaming with the cool superhero

A green lantern is the stuff heroic legends are made of? Not really, that’s why Green Lantern is so unbelievably unknown. When Ryan Reynolds celebrated a surprise hit with Deadpool this year, everyone was thrilled by the innovative and courageous moments the film offered. But until then Reynolds was always one step ahead of the other Hollywood stars. The last big flop with the American actor before the megahit deadpool was? Three guesses? Green Lantern!

NextGen Gaming apparently starts a major attack on Microgaming and Marvel Alliance with his comic translations from the DC universe. With Batman, The Flash and now Green Lantern, three superheroes make it into online casinos at the same time. But the video slot keeps what it promises fans of the green lantern?

Technical features

There are many ways to design a slot machine. You can vary the number of reels, between 3 and 7 we have already seen everything, you can also freely choose the number of symbols on the reels, or you can define a slot machine via the paylines. Some video slots are 5 paylines, others need 50, others are 243!

Green Lantern is a 5 reel, 20 symbol slot machine, just like its colleagues Batman and The Flash. The format is quite unusual, as there is usually only room for 3 symbols on a reel. Apparently the number of paylines can be increased plausibly, because otherwise the chances of winning would tend to decrease. We don’t have to drift into mathematical discussions now, but the more symbols the machine has, the more paylines it should tend to have. Otherwise the developers have to turn other screws to give the player a fair chance.

Fans of the lantern will be happy about the comic-like realization of the story. But everyone else will be disappointed because of the flat representation. Yes, why NextGen, an actually very capable developer, has refrained from giving the game a decent graphic is probably only known by the people responsible.

bonuses and winnings

A feature that all NextGen gaming games have in common is the gambling option. Are you more of a risk-averse player, or do you prefer to play it safe? Your personal character decides if you want to put your fresh win back on the line, because with the Gambling Option you can multiply your winnings several times or even lose them. The decisive factor is a kind of coin toss, head or tails, black or red – if you are right with your bet, the win doubles.

If you want to win fast and a lot, you have to do two things. First you have to choose the bet close to the maximum value, that is €120 with bonus bet and second you have to catch five rogue symbols. Then you win €20,000 in a single spin! It’s not a jackpot at Mega Fortune, but it’s a new car or months of travel.

Green Lantern has more ways to win big. The bonus features like the 24 free spins you get from the green lanterns or the doubled win with the Wild symbol on the payline should make you quickly familiar with this video slot. Green Lantern only reaches its peak when three bonus symbols appear on the reels. Then it’s off to the bonus game, where you can fight the villain and get up to 100x the winning bet!