Fruit Warp Slot: Play Thunderkicks fruity game fun in 3D now

What do you first think of when you think of a slot machine? Fruits? The legendary slot developer Thunderkick picks up on the traditional fruit theme and turns it into a completely new, cool and unique slot.

Rumor has it that this is the king of slot machines at all. This fruit is not as you know it from ordinary slots. No, this fruit moves freely and fresh as it is in its nature. A true fruit explosion!

The 3 D presentation makes the difference to an ordinary vending machine. Here, design and fun are stimulating each other and provide variety and good mood, while you can enjoy your winnings.

We have tested this slot for you and agree that it should not be missing in the list of our favorite games and certainly you are enthusiastic.

Also, mix yourself a delicious fruit cocktail and try it out! And if you win, we are invited, okay?

Technical features

Do you have 10 cents? Great, then you can get started. With all the features and odds in this game you can also consider a higher bet, up to $100 you can bet.

As soon as the game starts, the fruits float in front of your eyes on the freely moving rollers. What a refreshing sight! Now all you have to do is enjoy this sight, sip your cocktail and hope that there is fallen fruit in your favour.

The fact alone that a video slot with fruit of all things can bear the title “innovative and unique” cannot be mentioned often enough. The cherries, bananas, grapes and other fruits flying around are so realistic that you could really get an appetite.

Did you know that five times a day fruit is officially recommended? No problem at all! Whenever or wherever you feel like a vitamin kick with Fruit Warp, just grab your smartphone or tablet and enjoy a round of fruity pleasure.

bonuses and winnings Game description

At first glance, this slot machine looks as harmless as a banana. But you are wrong! There are as many chances and winnings in this slot as in a watermelon of water.

If you see at least four identical fruit symbols in a line, you have a good bonus round. This means that all other fruits will be reshuffled. If a fifth fruit symbol of the same variety falls right next to it, more re-spins and freespins follow. It’s simply overwhelming. Multipliers are used to maximize the win even more.

To start this game is like holding a blender in a fruit salad. Once switched on, it does its duty and makes a delicious smoothie out of it. It’s so easy! In the case of Fruit Warp you can just as easily get 100 to 150 times more out of your bet with a little luck.

The cocktail cherry of the slot is the master symbol. You have no idea how many free spins, multipliers and extra spins there can be in a single slot game. We are of the opinion that you must have experienced this and wish you that the attempt quickly bears thick fruit.