Candy Cottage Slot: Rival Gaming and the Gingerbread House Tale

Who’s crunching my house? The Brothers Grimm would perhaps turn around in the grave, or – would have a lot of fun! Rival Gaming has released the slot machine “Candy Cottage”, which sounds pretty modern for the fact that it is based on the fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel, which was written in 1812. The siblings Hänsel and Gretel get lost in the forest after being abandoned by their evil stepmother and find a little house built entirely of gingerbread on a clearing. What they don’t know is that a cannibalistic witch built the cottage just to attract juicy children and eat them. She catches the siblings, but they manage to free themselves. In the end, the witch is pushed into an oven and burns.

That doesn’t sound very child-friendly at first, even though the slot machine comes across pretty colorful and funny. Who goes with Hansel and Gretel into the forest?

Technical features

Hänsel and Gretel is actually a fairy tale for children, so Rival Gaming has also designed the slot machine “Candy Cottage” colorful. They could have put in a bit more effort, we miss a bit of the fine tuning in the graphics. Nevertheless, the slot machine was designed to match the theme and the symbols are from the fairy tale: Lolli, chocolate, goose, fruit gum, oven, gretel, Hansel, bread basket, sweets, the cage in which Hansel is kept and the gingerbread house. The background of the five rollers also looks like decorated gingerbread. Candy Cottage has 20 paylines. Players can choose their bets between €0.02 and €50. There is no progressive jackpot, but the jackpot of the game is €6250. Not bad either! The more often you spin the reels, the faster you can get Hansel out of the greedy, man-eating witch’s cage.

Bonuses and winnings

The bonuses and winnings tear it out, no matter which slot machine it is. Also in the sugar-sweet world of the gingerbread houses it concerns finally the profits, which come around thereby for the player. The wild symbol of the slot machine only appears on the third reel. The wild symbol is the boiling cauldron and it appears frequently. Another interesting symbol is the gingerbread. At some point, it releases ten additional free spins, plus three times the multiplier. Not bad for winning. Finally, there is a mini bonus game activated by the cage symbol. There you have to help the two siblings to catch sweets while they are still held captive by the witch.

All in all an entertaining game that pays out enough winnings. The jackpot is a bit low, but there are more free spins. Players need to consider what is important to them. Smaller, more frequent wins or the big roll. Candy Cottage is definitely not the hunt for the big roll. But for a really nice pastime, it’s enough, we’ve been able to clear some winnings while testing. For us it was worth it and therefore we say: don’t have a long look, just try it out! After all, Hänsel should not be eaten by the witch!