Babushkas Slot: Thunderkick beautifully drawn slot & ingenious concept

So, let’s talk about Babushkas, the new slot machine from Thunderkick. It’s fun to get to know the Russian culture of Babushka dolls in a playful way. Such a doll consists of several levels, which you can gradually uncover. Under each facade lies a new facade, until you have penetrated to the core of the doll.

Thunderkick takes up this concept and turns it into a slot machine that is very different from anything you have seen before. The concept of the Babushka levels gives the slot machine a special depth that is visually appealing. You can read more about this now in our Slots Test from Babushkas.

Technical Features

Babushka is a 5 reel slot with 3 symbols per reel. When the reels rotate, the symbols rotate with them. When the reels come to a standstill, the grannies reveal themselves. If there are three Babushkas in a row, there are the first wins, but better are four or five.

Babushkas has 17 paylines and lets add the wins from several paylines. Due to the game mechanics, in which one Babushka figure can be transformed into another, it also happens very often that several active pay lines provide winnings at the same time.

Deo graphics is always of outstanding quality. The level of detail is particularly high in this game and is not only visible in the dolls, but also in the background. This was something like a knitting pattern, which is displayed in different colors, depending on which symbol is currently involved in the win.

Of course Babushka can be played both on the PC and on the smartphone. Due to Thunderkick’s modern technology the game runs on all operating systems, no matter if Microsoft, Android or Apple.

bonuses and winnings

Thunderkick tries again and again to surprise the player and offer something new. That’s exactly what Babushkas has done for you.

The concept of dolls with several levels is taken up again and again in the area of bonuses and winnings. The value of the symbols is determined by the color of the Babuschka, but also the size changes accordingly with the color.

Thunderkick allows all kinds of transformations of the symbols. If there is at least a fourth element in a winning row that does not match the first three, the first three symbols that already represent the win are upgraded to the fourth symbol. This only works if the fourth symbol is one level higher than the previous three.

Do not be confused by the size of the symbols. The outer shell of the Babushka is always the one with the least value. The more layers you uncover, the more the symbol is worth. Larger symbols are therefore always upgraded to smaller symbols.

There is also a Wild symbol, which is either simply wild, or can have different consequences. For example, we’re talking about the Charmbär, which upgrades all symbols by one value.

There’s also a special prize, which is awarded if all symbols of the automat have the smallest size. Then the game is won and you get 100 extra coins! With the maximum value of the bet, €100, that would be a win of €10,000 plus the regular win!

Playing Babushkas is a lot of fun. So take part in the party and unfold the Russian grandma!