Aliens Slot: NetEnt ushers in a new era of slot machines

The video slot “Aliens”, based on the film Alien, the Eighth Passenger and the other works of the saga filmed by Ridley Scott between 1979 and 2012, is the product of the developer studio of Net Entertainment. Immerse yourself in an adventure full of horror and excitement and face your worst fears. Because in “Aliens” you slip into the role of a soldier of the US Army, who must ward off the onslaught of bloodthirsty creatures, which have it on their ship. The first-person shooter perspective of the protagonist in this game is a great innovation and a tribute to video games of the art Shoot’em up. The video slot machine Aliens was developed in collaboration with Universal Pictures.

If the genius of NetEnt joins forces with that of Ridley Scott

Although this new video slot machine from NetEnt stands out thanks to animations of exceptional quality, the main feature is the new perspective from the protagonist’s point of view. One actually slips into the skin of a marine who tries to save his skin: one hears his breath, feels his grief. You feel like part of the game. Aliens plays in a futuristic world. The marine wears a sophisticated helmet that displays a variety of electronic data: the information that passes by the screen is particularly realistic and gives you the feeling of being the hero of the game. Another point worth mentioning is the excellent soundtrack. The Universal Studios Symphony Orchestra performs miracles and the excitement increases every minute. There’s nothing bad to say: the Aliens slot machine is a perfect adaptation of the work of Ridley Scott!

The fans of Alien will be delighted that you can have fun at the slot machine from the Swedish manufacturer Net Entertainment, regardless of your budget. Because the minimum bet allowed is very low – with only 15 cents you can spin the reels. But also the High Rollers have not been forgotten. They can bet up to 150€ per round and finally crack the game jackpot of 10.000€.

Equip yourself with bonuses to defeat the aliens

Multiple very different bonuses await you during the whole game. So you can make high profits and make up for your investments. In chapter number 1 the Weyland-Yutani Corp logo will attract your attention: it serves as a wild symbol with which you can collect winning combinations. In the second chapter called “The Search” you can fill a measuring vessel and then benefit from multipliers and free spins. At this level, you will have to deal with several onslaughts of aliens. Make sure you have enough ammo available! Finally, in the final chapter, you’ll need all your arsenal to defeat the Queen of Aliens. For this you need your machine gun and grenades. The queen is destroyed when the beam with the life energy is exhausted.