Mega Glam Life Slot: Betsoft with champagne, sports car and luxury yacht

The luxury life is not to be got by hard work. You have to be lucky to be able to afford a yacht. But that’s why there are slot machines like Mega Glam Life from our Favorite game developer Betsoft. Nothing beats luxury watches, Dom Perignon and the Bugatti Veyron.

However, how well does this slot perform, which obviously has to compete against Mega Fortune from Netent? That always depends on your preferences. Our task, on the other hand, is to look at and evaluate Mega Glam Life objectively. That’s why we control the technical features of the slot, check the possible winnings and show the best ways to win!

Technical features

At Betsoft you can always be sure to play technically flawless games. This starts with the 3D graphics and continues in the fluid course of the game. Here one gear seems to grasp into the other.

symbols are available from 10 to A and are accompanied by private jets, yachts, watches and fast cars. Gems are not missing on the card symbols and overall the design of this slot makes a rather feminine impression. “Bling Bling for the Ladies” seems to be the motto of Mega Glam Life!

But we don’t want to do without an inspection of the video slot. Mega Glam Life has 5 reels and 15 symbols, offers up to 20 paylines, which can be switched on and off and finally the coins per payline and the coin values can be selected. So the player has the possibility of setting bets exactly according to his ideas.

There is nothing better than to put Mega Glam Life on Autoplay and watch the reels spinning. Sometimes the bonus game starts and then the million is not too far!

bonuses and winnings

The winnings at Mega Glam Life are always high. But it gets really exciting when you get one of the three bonuses.

The Will symbols are the ones you will see first. A game replaces all other symbols and completes almost all paylines. The best thing about these wilds is the Respin, which starts when a win is made with Wild.

Mega Glam Life also offers Free Spins. If you see three or more scatters on the reels, it means you win ahead! With 5 Scatters you can look forward to 16 free spins, with 3 Scatters you can look forward to 8 free spins. A win during a free spins is tripled. Further scatters increase the profit per multiplier or make further free spins possible.

Finally there is the bonus game, at whose hopefully lucky end one of the three jackpots stands. From Big to Huge to Mega Betsoft has three jackpots, ranging from a few hundred euros to 400,000 euros and more! Let the three wheels stop one after the other at the right time and the Mega Jackpot is yours!